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  3. Hot Rod Surf 100% Genuine

Hot Rod Surf 100% Genuine
Mark Whitney Mehran
Издательство: Hot Rod Surf Publishing
Год издания: 2006
Количество страниц: 152
ISBN: 978-0978675608
Язык книги: Английский
Описание книги
Start your engines... Wax your surfboards.... It s time to experience the Southern California beach sensation HOT ROD SURF! Follow Hot Rod Surf from the beginning as a small local surf shop through a ten year picture adventure of rock & roll music, hot rods, pin-ups, surfing, and motorcycle choppers. See how Hot Rod Surf developed into the premier traditional customizing shop and internationally recognized lifestyle brand today! Hot Rod Surf 100% Genuine book is a real behind the scenes picture history of Hot Rod Surf and features many of the diverse and colorful events, on-goings, and unique shop creations which have developed from the organic HOT ROD SURF ® custom California beach lifestyle. Custom surfboards, full length music records, independent movies, 50s style pin-ups, a clothing label, radical fully customized choppers, and door slamming hot rods all created in one place by San Diego artist Mark Whitney Mehran (MWM). Now you can see for yourself the full experience in full color photos with an extensive glossary of pictures, and bonus section of contemporary beach/ surf / chopper slang. HOT ROD SURF 100% Genuine documents the unique style and diverse movement of HOT ROD SURF. Hold on and enjoy the ride! Book measures 8 ½ inches by 5 ½ inches in full color with 152 action packed pages. See behind the scenes and know your history of the art, the cars, and style that influenced thousands.

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