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  3. Louis Vuitton: Architecture and Interiors

Louis Vuitton: Architecture and Interiors
Frederic Edelmann, Ian Luna, Rafael Magrou, Mohsen Mostafavi
Издательство: Rizzoli
Год издания: 2011
Количество страниц: 300
ISBN: 978-0847836529
Язык книги: Английский
Описание книги
An exploration of the dynamic and innovative architecture and interiors commissioned by Louis Vuitton. A prescient advocate of contemporary interiors and architecture, Louis Vuitton continues to encourage innovation and playfulness in the designs of their retail spaces without losing sight of the essence of luxury central to its identity. This process of designing places to display high-style objects has created a new venue for cutting-edge architecture and transformed city streetscapes. This exploration of Louis Vuitton’s international stores, as well as industrial sites and unrealized projects, includes interviews with some of today’s most talented architects and designers who discuss the beautiful and complex structures they have produced in collaboration with Louis Vuitton. This book examines the physical aspects of these buildings as well as the ideas that went into their composition. Acting as both a backdrop for luxurious retail goods and the physical manifestation of the brand, these spaces are a genre unto themselves that invite exploration. With luxurious finishes and unexpected textures, these fantastic buildings represent the intersection of fashion and interior design. The book includes interviews with Jun Aoki, Peter Marino, Christian de Portzamparc, David McNulty, and Christian Reyne.

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