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  3. Night Fever: Interior Design for Bars and Clubs

Night Fever: Interior Design for Bars and Clubs
Издательство: Birkhäuser GmbH
Год издания: 2005
Количество страниц: 312
ISBN: 978-3764305123
Язык книги: Английский
Описание книги
A large number of exciting contemporary nightspots in cities like London, New York, Amsterdam, Rome, Lisbon, Tokyo are highlighted in this book. In most cases the designers have made extra photo shootings in the clubs with and without party crowds. The book features some twenty portraits of distinguished and selected design firms from all over the world. Their spectacular designs for bars, nightclubs, discos and dance clubs are presented, revealing the wide spectrum of creativity. A ten-page profile is dedicated to each design firm and full business details are included. The graphic design is by the well-known Dutch studio Staat Amsterdam. Among the firms featured are: Concrete, Amsterdam Ronald Hooft, Amsterdam Binc, Amsterdam Plajer/Franz, Berlin Mack and Partner, Frankfurt Geomim, Istanbul Mueller Kneer, London Stephen Macdonald Assoc., London Turbo 2000, Copenhagen Bushe Assoc., London Orbit, Paris Graven Images, Glasgow.

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