Take an exciting journey into the world of the brand, immersing yourself in the atmosphere of technological innovation and environmentally friendly transport with zero emissions.

  • Future Mobility 01
    Future Mobility
    We invite you to take a trip to the perfect world of the future without traffic jams and carbon emissions. Here you are wholly surrounded by the beauty of nature and innovative transport. The concept of “travel time” no longer exists so you can dedicate all the time to yourself. Does it sound utopian? Hyundai Motor has all the technology ready to make this a reality soon.
  • Future Mobility 02
    A new brand in the Hyundai family.
  • Future Mobility 02
    The life of Hydrogen
    Try interactive tables with games. Collect the maximum number of points and enjoy your gifts.
  • Future Mobility 02
    Hyundai Intelligent Transportation System
    We present the city of the future by the example of San Francisco in 2030.
  • Future Mobility 03
    Meet the first hydrogen fuel cell car imported into Russia. Emission is purewater. Plus, you get air purification as a nice bonus.
  • Future Mobility 04
    Along with nature
    Is it a technological art object or a meditation area? That’s up to you.